DFT's last project, "Intangible object" consists in a single line anamorphosis of a Nike Air Jordan on a... Nike Air Jordan, creating the illusion of wearing a piece of figurative art instead of a shoe.

The physical subject and its artistic rendition overlap into one figurative delusional reality. In an ephemeral way (the drawing only exists from a specific standpoint) the artwork supersedes its subject and reality disappears on behalf of its own reinterpretation, creating an interesting contrast between tangible and intangible.


Technical aspects 

Due to the very specific shape of the sneaker, the artwork is a distorted perspective displaying itself perfectly from a specific standpoint only (anamorphosis was called "the art of secret perspective" by Albrecht Dürer).

As for the process of transposing the artwork on the shoe, we wanted to avoid using a grid system combined with 3D software. Instead, we opted for a mix of projection and lots of hand adjustments, which turned out to be very challenging. It was a long and iterative procedure finalised by high-precision hand painting.