DFT one line artist duo, Emma & Stephane

DFT aka Differantly is a French creative duo working between Paris and Berlin.

The artists’ practice ranges from art direction to one line illustration, product design, wall art and installation. Amongst numerous other collaborations, they customized Adidas headquarters building facade, creating large-scaled artworks of the brand’s most iconic models and collaborated with Nike on special edition jerseys for the Lebron James World Tour 2018.

With its distinctive single line drawing, the duo deconstructs complex imagery into two-dimensional minimalist art, focusing on what creates a subject’s core identity.

“During our process, we go through phases that are visually rich and complex before removing what's not substantive. It's a maturation process that can be painful as it consists of letting go, giving up. But, it’s also very demanding as minimalism requests a certain level of perfection. Every element must have its sense, its utility, its intrinsic beauty.”

DFT’s original pieces and limited edition prints are held around the world.

Collaborations : Adobe, Nike, Hermès, Adidas, Jaguar…

Features : Designboom, Hypebeast, Etapes, Fubiz, Insider…